Instructor helping student.

Take Control of Your Life

Take a Second Chance and Train for your Career

What is Turning Point?

Turning Point is a joint program between Central Technology Center and area high schools. Turning Point provides academic and technical training opportunities to students (age 16-19) who have dropped out of school or are at immediate risk of dropping out of school.

How Does it Work?

High School liasons will identify students who are eligible for Turning Point.

The student will stay enrolled at the high school, but will attend all classes at Central Tech. This allows learners to receive a high school diploma from their high school upon completing the program and meeting high school graduation requirements.

Is it the Same as a GED?

No. A GED is a high school equivalency exam. With Turning Point, students are still enrolled as a high school student and will receive a high school diploma from their school. Turning Point allows students to attend tuition free - receiving academic coursework required for high school graduation and technical training.