female student welding at Central Tech

Central Tech is expanding short-term class offerings to local communities. The courses include industry required certifications, entrepreneurial and small business workshops, and personal interest courses.   

“To provide more accessible training opportunities for the patrons throughout our district, we are now offering adult evening classes in the communities of Bristow and Cleveland,” said Mark Cotner, assistant superintendent of Central Tech. 

To determine which classes to offer first, Central Tech surveyed former students and polled Bristow, Cleveland, and their surrounding communities through Facebook. 

Courses scoring the highest votes begin this spring. Additional classes will begin in the fall.  

Bristow classes by start date:  

Cleveland classes by start date: 

Online classes are also being reviewed with Medical Terminology going online in January.  

Enrollment is open. For more information or to pre-enroll online, visit centraltech.edu or call 918.352.7622.