If you are interested in protecting people from criminal activity, punishing offenders, helping ensure justice for crime victims, and rehabilitating criminals, this class puts you on the right path. You will study a wide range of training from simple patrol operations to crime scene investigation.  

Since this class is run according to industry standards in a para-military style, students will hold a variety of ranks and responsibilities. Students must wear a class uniform and obtain black duty boots and tactical pants. Physical activity is part of the course. Students supply their own proper attire and works gloves for physical exercise. 

Criminal Justice students evaluate a mock crime scene

Future Opportunities

There are many job opportunities in the criminal justice field. 

Unarmed Security Guard

This class prepares you to sit for the Oklahoma State Unarmed Security Guard License.

Detention Officer & Dispatcher

Many police officers begin their career as a dispatcher or working in jails since they can start work at 18 years old.

Police Officer Training

Cadets can learn many of the same skills taught to police academy officers.

Crime Scene Investigations Training

As a cadet, you will study:


Renewed national interest in public safety and security along with a more security-conscious society has expanded opportunities for employment in the criminal justice field. Instruction and hands-on training for this program will focus on:

  • Tactical & Interpersonal Communications Skills
  • Police Function & Fundamentals
  • Criminal Law
  • Traffic Management & Accident Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Evidence
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement
  • Criminalistics & Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Firearm Safety
  • CLEET Phases I & II

Upon successful completion, students 17 years of age or older will be qualified to take the Oklahoma State Unarmed Security Guard License exam.

Areas of Study

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Workforce Staging for Law Enforcement
  • Police Function & Fundamentals
  • CLEET Phase I & II – Unarmed Security Guard
  • Traffic Management & Accident Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Law Enforcement Equipment & Weapons
  • Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • CPR & First Aid
  • American Court System: Criminal & Civil
  • Interview/Interrogation & Report Writing
  • Crisis Intervention & Emotionally Disturbed
  • National Incident Management System
  • Applied Concepts in Fitness
  • 911 Tele-communicator Basics
  • Prisoner Detention
  • Internship and/or Capstone
  • Criminal Evidence
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Ethics & Professional Behavior in Law Enforcement


Central Tech Criminal Justice students competed against the 23 CJ programs in the state in the annual Criminal Justice Physical Fitness Challenge. The event held at the Army National Guard base in Norman was sponsored by Francis Tuttle Technology Center and the Army National Guard. Events include: 1-minute push-ups, 1-minute sit-ups, 1-min pull-ups, 1 mile run, 6-person team tug-of-war, and 6-person team obstacle course.

Front Row (L-R):
Colton Parrish, bronze obstacle & tug-of-war; Ezequiel Lopez, Sapulpa, bronze obstacle; Natalie Bundy, Sapulpa, bronze tug-of-war; Jewelia Beard, Sapulpa; Jadyn Aguirre, bronze tug-of-war; Lillian Juby, Sapulpa; Cody Neal, Kiefer.

Back Row (L-R):
Elijah Ferguson, Sapulpa, bronze obstacle course; Fish Self; silver 1 mile run, bronze obstacle course; Omar Aguilar, Kiefer, bronze in tug-of-war; Abby Johnson, Sapulpa, bronze obstacle course; Braxton Guyer, Drumright, bronze tug-of-war; Kylea Collier, Mannford; James Reynolds, Kellyville, bronze tug-of-war; Sean Abell, Prue
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Are you interested in law enforcement? Criminal Justice students can study criminal evidence, investigation, law and procedures, forensic science, firearm safety and weapons, tactical communication, lifting fingerprints, and more!


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Students in the Medical Front Office, Criminal Justice, and Health Careers classes practice CPR.
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Criminal Justice students got to take a run at their new obstacle course.
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Criminal Justice students break into groups and practice handcuffing each other.
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Available Certifications/License

May require additional fees.

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  • Oklahoma State Unarmed Security Guard License
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • FEMA-NIMS-ICS 100 & ICS 700

Quick Facts

Students, Campus, Times

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  • Students: Adult & High School
  • Campus: Sapulpa Only
  • Times: Morning, Afternoon, Full Day
  • School Year: August-May

Criminal Justice students dusting for fingerprints at Central Tech